Captain Brian Flegel and Lead Jaazia C Moran Flegel

Flegels at Kenmore Air
They met on a climbing wall – a flight instructor and an artist. Today, they share a dock for an office.

Husband-wife duo — Kenmore aIR Captain Brian Flegel and Line Crew Lead Jaazia C Moran Flegel — are passionate adventures. As a pair, they have trained and performed as both trapeze and acrobatic artists. They’ve spent a summer commercial fishing in Alaska and four summers woodland firefighting.

It was there, creating firebreaks and protecting the forest, that Brian’s passion for seaplanes was ignited. He learned to fly at Walla Walla University, but it was on an uphill firebreak that his own personal spark was ignited. During breaks, the couple watched as firebombers (seaplanes equipped to dump water) swooped just above the flames and released their loads.

“It’s one of the most memorable moments to be in your engine and see that plane come in flying low and let the water go,” explained Jaazia.

While working as a flight instructor

in Hermiston, Oregon, Brian earned
his seaplane rating at Kenmore Air. “And then I just started bugging Quinn endlessly for a job,” said Brian. (Quinn Dillon was a flight instructor at the time and is now Assistant Chief Pilot.)

Brian’s persistence paid off. He became a flight instructor in 2019 and by February 2020, he was flying the line as a Kenmore Air pilot. Today he is certified to fly Kenmore’s entire seaplane fleet.

But he wasn’t the only one making waves. He and Jaazia moved to Seattle together and she joined the line crew at Lake Union. At the time, she was finishing her degree in Studio Art from Whitman College.

“The job was perfect. I love being outside and working with my hands. It was about a 6-hour shift where I was doing things. Then I’d be done and I could study,” said Jaazia.

Promoted to the head of line crew in October of 2021, Jaazia’s working days are a bit longer now — but just as hands-on. And while Brain has never forgotten about firebombing and Jaazia is always up for another project that involves building things, the couple has found a comfortable slice of home at the north end of Lake Washington. “This is an incredible place to work and an incredible place to call home,” said Brian.

Jaazia C. Moran Flegel

Occupation: Line Crew Lead
Age: 25
Birthplace: Tacoma, WA
Current Residence: Shoreline, WA
Years Working at Kenmore: 1

Brian Flegel

Occupation: Captain
Age: 28
Birthplace: Madras, OR
Current Residence: Shoreline, WA
Years Working at Kenmore: 4

Favorite Place to Fly: Deer Harbor

“The greenery. The shimmering water. It’s just a lovely place to fly with a beautiful dock and they have really good ice cream,” said Brian.

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