Space Needle Flyby on a Seattle Scenic Tour. Scott Meis
Seattle Scenic Tour Space Needle Flyby. Scott Meis

The sun glistens as the Kenmore Air seaplane picks up speed and the pontoons turn the water into a white wake. Gently, the plane lifts off, soaring past Seattle’s iconic houseboats and into the sky above. The thrilling takeoff is just the opener of this iconic Seattle tour, which gives you a birds’ eye view of the Emerald city’s magnificent skyline, iconic landmarks, and plethora of waterways. 

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Seattle Sunset
Seattle Skyline from Kerry Park at Sunset

Seattle is as well known for rain as it is for coffee. But don’t let the moisture fool you. While there can undoubtedly be dreary days, all that rainfall makes for a lush landscape. During the spring, Mother Nature starts to bless the region with sunshine and new growth. 

Flowers abound, turning the plethora of city parks into a colorful playground. Waterfront walks become dazzling displays. Farmers markets start to take on a new life as fresh produce evolves from root vegetables into sweet fruits. 

From sporting events and museums to tours and natural habitats, you’ll find a wide range of things to do in Seattle this spring.

The following list only begins to scratch the surface. Seattle is a city you could explore for months (and even years) and still discover new and exciting things. Nor is this list presented in any particular order. Instead, think of this list of things to do in Seattle this spring as a vision board. Make a few plans, start exploring, and see where the day takes you. There are endless possibilities!

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pacific northwest
PNW Mountains by Kalen Emsley

There are hills to hike, waterfalls to explore, and plates of eggs Benedict to devour. This is your ultimate Pacific Northwest travel bucket list. And, it’s just in time for kicking off the New Year!

It’s loaded with seaside cocktails, DIY brewery tours, and can’t-miss donuts. It features remote fishing destinations, sea-to-table cuisine, and some of the most Instagram-worthy spots around.

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Museum of Glass Cone by Gagliardi Photography
Museum of Glass. Image by Gagliardi Photography

If your travels take you to Tacoma (which they should because Seattle’s sister-city is filled with underrated gems), do yourself a favor and visit the Museum of Glass. It’s a celebration of art, history, and the science of glassmaking. The captivating institution is home to the largest and most active museum glass studio on the West Coast.

Displays feature works by some of the most renowned glass artists from the 20th and 21st centuries. While exhibits lean towards contemporary art, classics are also on display. But the real draw here is the museum’s Hot Shop.

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The Lodge at St. Edwards in Kenmore
The Lodge at St. Edwards

Venture some 15 minutes from the heart of Seattle into a quiet sanctuary, where grassy fields roll into pristine forests heavy with moss and an undeveloped waterfront hides a high-end retreat known as The Lodge at St. Edward. 

In the early 1900s, The East Side Journal said, “New York has its Brooklyn, San Francisco has its Oakland, Seattle is building its Kirkland.” At the time, Lake Washington was nine feet taller than it is today. Its eastern borders were considered a remote, country destination dotted with worn farmhouses, muddy lanes, and the occasional ‘second home’ of the city’s elite.

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Kenmore Air Otter and Cattle Point Lighthouse
Kenmore Air de Havilland Otter flying past Cattle Point Lighthouse

Though the quaint archipelago tucked within the Salish Sea is technically part of Washington State, it feels a bit like its own country. Heck, some of its rocky inlets are closer to Canada than they are to the American mainland. But the 172-plus islands in the Olympic Rainshadow don’t require a passport and are relatively easy to access — if you know what you’re doing. 

The following outlines 10 ways to travel from Seattle to the San Juan Islands. But at its most primitive level, there are only two ways to get here: by boat or plane. The nature of being surrounded by water on all sides makes this remote destination exactly that, remote. That’s part of the charm, part of what keeps this paradise a destination worthy of visiting year-round.

And the great news is, whether you’re flying from Boeing Field to Friday Harbor, catching a seaplane from Lake Union to Roche Harbor, or hopping on a 25-minute flight from Paine Field to Orcas Island — the views are endless and check-in is a breeze!

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kenmore air seaplane flying into victoria inner harbour
kenmore air flying into victoria inner harbour

While Victoria is closer to American soil than its British Columbia mainland, it feels a bit like traveling to Europe. (It’s 75 miles from the Emerald City and just 28 miles from the closest US town, Friday Harbor.) Sure, the watery border can make you think twice about the best way to get to Victoria BC. 

But if you know your options, getting there can be just as much fun as being there. The following outlines the five top ways to travel between this Vancouver Island metropolis and Washington’s high-tech hub — including a scenic seaplane flight!

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Seattle during the winter and the space needle
Seattle during the winter

Published Nov. 7, 2019 | Updated October 31, 2022

Sure, Seattle gets the ‘occasional’ rainy day during the winter. But natives have long since learned that the grey skies aren’t a reason to write off the Emerald City. In fact, with its plethora of cozy refuges, lively winter events, and inspiring museums, you’ll never be short of unique things to do this winter in Seattle.

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seattle skyline with seaplane
seaplane in seattle skyline

While Seattle has long been dubbed one of the rainiest cities in the United States, this enchanting destination is far from boring. The diverse topography is home to more than 20 culturally unique neighborhoods, picturesque hiking trails, outstanding waterfront views, and an eclectic mix of museums. This comprehensive list of what to do in Seattle is just a jumping-off point. 

The opportunities here are endless and constantly expanding as more inventive chefs and local purveyors make their mark in this tech-heavy urban hub. From coffee shops to neighborhood trolls, there’s something for everyone. 

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Seattle Staycation
Seattle Staycation with Kids
Exploring Seattle with kids gives you a fresh perspective on one of the most vibrant cities in the Pacific Northwest.

Picture breathtaking mountains, moss-laden forests, and fresh salty air paired with mild weather and amazing year-round outdoor activities. Where is such a place, you might ask? For those of us lucky enough to live in Seattle, it is called home. 

Often upon returning back from a trip, I am reminded I already live in one of the most spectacular places in the country. Although my family and I normally don’t take the time to vacation where we live, it only took a pandemic to realize how much there is to learn and explore in our city. And most importantly, we were reminded how rejuvenating a vacation can be without a long plane or car ride. 

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