Safely Viewing Fox Kits on San Juan Island

Fox Kits on San Juan Island. Iandewar Photography
Fox Kits. Photo by Iandewar Photography.

Delicate vegetables. Sprawling wildflowers. Bouncing babies. What’s not to love about spring? San Juan Island offers a particularly cute ball of energetic new life — fox kits (aka baby foxes). The fluffy pups are most predominantly spotted on the prairie above South Beach in American Camp National Historical Park.

This is a well-known destination for gentle hikes, view-worthy picnic spots, and historical buildings — but be sure to enjoy this slice of heaven with a conscious mindset. While the red foxes (Vulpes vulpes) aren’t native to the San Juan Islands (they were introduced as early as 1875), their presence is fragile. Always stay at least 75 feet away, never feed the foxes, and be sure to stick to maintained trails.

Surprised that the ‘red’ fox isn’t always red? Despite the name, these 10- to 20-pound members of the Canidae family can be orange, silver, black, and multi-colored.

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Sea Lion in the Salish Sea by Jess Newley
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