Free Organ Concerts at Rosario Resort

Organ at Rosario Resort
Organ at Rosario Resort

In the horseshoe of Orcas Island, perched on the rocks above Cascade Bay, Rosario Resort’s stately white exterior beckons the leisurely traveler with exceptional food and stunning views. But there’s more to this waterfront oasis than its picturesque setting. Completed in 1909, the old-world elegance of Moran Mansion is home to both a 1913 Aeolian pipe organ and a 1900 Steinway grand piano.

Tuesday through Saturday at 4:00 PM, the musical instruments take center stage during free concerts held in the mansion’s Music Room.

The presentation is led by an accomplished musician, author, and Rosario historian, Christopher Peacock. It includes both musical performances and a historical narrative. Christopher will often play music from Phantom of the Opera, which eloquently highlights the organ’s 1,972 pipes.

(Beginning mid-September, concerts are only available Saturdays.)

About the Mansion

In the late 1800s, Robert Moran arrived in Seattle with just a dime in his pocket. Through hard work and ingenuity, he became arguably the most well-respected shipbuilder of his time. He even won the naval contract to build the battleship U.S.S. Nebraska.

But the work took its toll. Advised by doctors that he only had a few years left to live he bought 7,000 acres on Orcas Island in 1904. Moran discovered, as many island residents can attest, just how good island life can be for your health — he lived until 1943!

The mansion took several years to complete, in large part because of Moran’s commitment to craftsmanship. From the rich mahogany paneling to the stained glass lighting, no detail was too small.