Meet Kenmore Air Shop Foreman, Jimmy Delagardelle

Jimmy Delagardelle Kenmore Air Mechanic
Jimmy Delagardelle

It’s unlikely you’ve ever met Jimmy Delagardelle, but as the Shop Foreman at Kenmore Air he plays an integral role in keeping the Maintenance Department running smoothly.

“My job is to help the flow of operations in any way I can,” explains Jimmy. 

Keeping work flowing smoothly can include just about anything. On any given day, Jimmy can be found guiding the repositioning of seaplanes, answering technical questions for mechanics, and stepping in to help with repairs and replacement of parts as needed.

With a background in automotive maintenance and construction, Jimmy first went to work in Kenmore Air’s engine shop disassembling and cleaning engines. After gaining experience he began overhauling cylinders as an engine repairman.

In addition to the daily organization of labor, Jimmy often assists with both routine aircraft maintenance and special projects. Recently, he participated in a project to develop a new Supplemental Type Certificate (STC) for the DHC-2 MKIII de Havilland Turbo Beaver (turbo prop). The STC allowed for the installation of Aerocet 6650 amphibious floats.

The 6650 floats were originally designed for the Quest KODIAK and had to be adapted to the Turbo Beaver. This required custom wiring, plumbing for the hydraulics, and new attachment struts. The Kenmore crew worked with an engineering firm for the structural aspects of the project.

“Seeing projects come to fruition. That’s one of the things I like best. Those are really special projects, because at the end you get to see something fly away and feel pretty good about it.”

Jimmy also enjoys the interaction with employees and customers. “This is a pretty special place. You don’t work somewhere for 13-plus years if it’s not,” he says. 

Outside of work, Jimmy is an avid gardener and fisherman. He and his wife grow an impressive selection of veggies, which their dog Zelda has been known to help harvest (and enjoy). On hot summer days, he’ll likely be found on the water fishing or enjoying a cruise in his boat.


  • Age: 42
  • Birthplace: North Seattle
  • Current Residence: Everett
  • Years with Kenmore: 13 Years
  • First Job at Kenmore: Engine Disassembly 
  • Current Position: Shop Foreman
  • A&P License: 2016
Jimmy working
Jimmy working on plane

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