Victoria Hot Tub Boats — A Sightseeing Float

Victoria Hot Tub Boats in the Inner Harbour

Despite Victoria’s sunny weather, you might think twice about donning your swimsuit for a dip in the B.C. capital’s Inner Harbour. Even during August, the average water temperature is around 52.7°F (11.5°C). But those who want to take a dip (while skipping the cold plunge) can take heart. You can rent a Hot Tub Boat to enjoy a warm, scenic float. 

These rentable vessels are exactly what they sound like — a small boat that functions as a hot tub. They can hold up to six people and are heated using a wood stove. Steering is done with a joystick and speeds top out at just 5 MPH.

A “captain” of at least 18 years of age is required on each boat and all passengers must be at least 12 years old. The tubs are disinfected and filled with fresh water for each new rental. Plus, each party is given one drybag for their belongings and a Bluetooth speaker to use while on the water. 

The boat’s operating area is between the Johnson Street Bridge and Victoria’s upper waterway. Generally, guests reach the Selkirk Trestle for a bit of hangout time before meandering back to the dock.

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