When do the Cherry Blossoms Bloom in Victoria BC

Craigdarroch Castle with cherry blossom during springtime season. Photo by Shawn CCF
Craigdarroch Castle with cherry blossom during the spring season. Photo by Shawn CCF.

Published 2.27.2022 | Updated 3.20.2023

Thanks to its mild climate, Victoria boasts thousands of cherry blossom trees.

Typically, Victoria’s cherry blossoms begin to bloom by mid-February. The stunning display continues from February until May, creating pink archways throughout the city. The picturesque backdrops are just another reason to take advantage of the B.C. capital’s pedestrian-friendly streets — but you’ll want to see them before they’re gone.

In February of 2019, city counselors approved a plan to push the urban zones toward native species. A push some worry will be at the expense of non-native gems like the famous cherry trees found throughout greater Victoria.

But the blooms haven’t been pushed out yet. In fact, spring is the ideal time to soak them in. And the mature cherry trees throughout the city can show off anywhere from 250,000 to 750,000 blossoms, making the petals hard to miss.

Where to See Cherry Blossoms in Victoria BC

Whether it’s a long-weekend getaway to Vancouver Island or a few hours until your flight from Victoria to Seattle, these stunning destinations offer ever-changing beauty.

Cherry Blossoms Near Victoria’s Inner Harbour

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Along the Inner Harbour, you’ll be treated to a plethora of bright flowers, with particularly breathtaking displays outside the Hotel Grand Pacific and The Robert Bateman Centre.

Outside the Parliament Buildings you’ll also find one of the most stunning cherry trees. And if you continue one block east on Belleville Street to Thunderbird park, you’ll find the totems are graced by brilliant blooms.

Cherry Blossoms in Downtown Victoria

It’s the heart of Downtown Victoria where you’ll find the most well-known views along none other than View Street. Here plum trees, one of the many varieties of cheery trees found throughout the city, are often the first to bloom.

Great Spots to Stroll and Picnic in Victoria

Blanshard Street, from Fort Street to Fairfield Road, offers another tranquil walk. Beacon Hill Park, with its mix of manicured gardens and natural habitats, is another amazing destination for a stroll. If you meander just two blocks west from the park along Avalon Road, you will find another hidden cherry blossom gem next to James Bay Inn.

South of the inn, along South Turner, you’ll find arguably the most famous display of cherry blossoms in James Bay. Spanning two long blocks, it runs right into Dallas Road and Holland Point Park, where you can enjoy a view of the ocean.

And for those looking to savor a pink picnic, there are few better destinations than the grounds at Hatley Castle and Gardens. Though the garden offers year-round displays, it is particularly eloquent during the big bloom.

Cherry Blossoms at Butchart Garden

It goes without saying that Butchart Garden is one of the prime destinations for all things flowers in British Columbia. Primarily you’ll find the pink hues in the Sunken Garden — one of the five main gardens within the finely manicured 55-acre estate.

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