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48-ish Hours Exploring San Juan Island

While it’s not the largest island in the San Juans, nor does it have the tallest peaks, San Juan Island is arguably the most popular. Home to the biggest town (downtown Friday Harbor), along with one of the world’s best land-based whale watching destinations (Lime Kiln Lighthouse), this iconic getaway is the perfect place to […]

Victoria Hot Tub Boats — A Sightseeing Float

Despite Victoria’s sunny weather, you might think twice about donning your swimsuit for a dip in the B.C. capital’s Inner Harbour. Even during August, the average water temperature is around 52.7°F (11.5°C). But those who want to take a dip (while skipping the cold plunge) can take heart. You can rent a Hot Tub Boat […]

Zackarya Leck, Orcas Island Artist-Blacksmith

On the western horseshoe of Orcas Island, where the cell service is spotty and the rolling farmland is studded with forest groves and rainwater ponds, Zackarya Leck turns iron to playdough in his 2,000-degree forge. A bespoke blacksmith, his weathered hands coax salvaged junkyard scraps into new forms — some functional, some sculptural, all stunning. […]

Canada’s Oldest Chinatown

Standing 38 feet tall and spanning a full city street, the Gates of Harmonious Interest is an eye-catching red and gold beauty. Featuring three arches, each of the pedestrian pathways is guarded by a stone lion. It was erected in 1981 and marks the entrance to Victoria, B.C.’s Chinatown.  However, the historic destination wasn’t always […]

Meet A&P Mechanic Jason Wills

Specializing in de Havilland Otter Annuals, Jason Wills has been part of the Kenmore Air family for 17 years.  Kenmore’s changed a lot since Jason Wills first started fueling planes and washing windows on the dock 17 years ago — not just the landscape, but also the fleet. And yet, some things are just as […]