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Magic of Christmas at The Butchart Gardens

The Butchart Gardens didn’t earn its rank among the top display gardens in the world during the cool months of winter. But should you happen to be in Victoria, the quaint British Columbia capital at the southern tip of Vancouver Island during the dormant ‘off-season,’ The Gardens are well worth a visit. 


Unique Things to do in Seattle this Winter

Published Nov. 7, 2019 | Updated October 31, 2022 Sure, Seattle gets the ‘occasional’ rainy day during the winter. But natives have long since learned that the grey skies aren’t a reason to write off the Emerald City. In fact, with its plethora of cozy refuges, lively winter events, and inspiring museums, you’ll never be […]

Meet Kenmore Air Mechanic, Maddie Kutzera

Twenty-four-year-old Maddie Kutzera is a certified A&P mechanic at Kenmore Air, specializing in customer maintenance. She has a quick (yet quiet) wit, stunning smile, and an eye for detail. She’s also an advocate of achieving goals and dreams, through relentless hard work and tenacity. Which is a good — because women make up just 2.62 […]

70 Things to do in Victoria, BC this Fall

While the days are growing shorter and the mornings crisp, Victoria is far from closed. In fact, fall may very well be the best time of year in this BC gem. Colorful leaves, mild weather, and stunning autumn blooms make this seaside city one of the best places to relax and decompress.  Discover 70 unique […]


Walla Walla Wineries Not to Miss

It’s not convenient from anywhere. A 4.5-hour drive from Seattle, Washington, and a 3.5-hour drive from Portland, Oregon — Walla Walla isn’t a pop-over destination (Unless, of course, you’re catching a Seattle to Walla Walla flight.) But the renowned Walla Walla wineries are well worth the trek. Nestled in the southeastern corner of Washington State, […]

Ultimate Friday Harbor Weekend Getaway

The largest town in the San Juan Islands, Friday Harbor is far from a bustling metropolis. Here, traffic lights are nonexistent. Horses, bicycles, and tractors share the road with scoot coupes and cars. Sunshine reigns supreme. And rolling farmland sprawls into rocky shores and expansive ocean views.  The list of what the island has can […]


Can’t-Miss Cowichan Valley Wineries

Warm days and crisp nights, gravelly soil rich with minerals, and lush aquifers imbue Cowichan Valley wines with fruit-forward flavors that deliver a crisp, dry finish. The conditions are similar to what’s found in the northern regions of Germany and France. The main difference is: Cowichan vines are relative babies.  The oldest operating winery can […]

What to do in Seattle

While Seattle has long been dubbed one of the rainiest cities in the United States, this enchanting destination is far from boring. The diverse topography is home to more than 20 culturally unique neighborhoods, picturesque hiking trails, outstanding waterfront views, and an eclectic mix of museums. This comprehensive list of what to do in Seattle […]

The Ultimate Orcas Island Getaway

This quaint destination, tucked within Washington’s gourmet archipelago, is loaded with enough baked treats, fresh seafood, and epic views to keep everybody happy. Residents of Orcas Island unite around the core conviction that they live in a beautiful and relatively untouched place. Here, artists thrive, hikes abound, and sea-to-table cuisine reigns supreme.