Scoot coupe san juan island
Riding a scoot coupe and moped on san juan island
Eat, Explore & Enjoy it All this Summer. Photo by Adam Gilani

Summertime practically begs for a trip to the San Juans Islands. There is something extra special about the islands this time of year. The islands are bursting with gorgeous blossoms, beautiful windswept beaches, glimmers of blue sky, and an abundance of fresh produce. One trip is all you need to feel gratitude for the beautiful place we get to call home. Hop on a seaplane and spend your weekend visiting both new and familiar places, eating delicious food, and being reminded of the intense charm small-town life has to offer.

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Flegels at Kenmore Air
They met on a climbing wall – a flight instructor and an artist. Today, they share a dock for an office.

Husband-wife duo — Kenmore aIR Captain Brian Flegel and Line Crew Lead Jaazia C Moran Flegel — are passionate adventures. As a pair, they have trained and performed as both trapeze and acrobatic artists. They’ve spent a summer commercial fishing in Alaska and four summers woodland firefighting.

It was there, creating firebreaks and protecting the forest, that Brian’s passion for seaplanes was ignited. He learned to fly at Walla Walla University, but it was on an uphill firebreak that his own personal spark was ignited. During breaks, the couple watched as firebombers (seaplanes equipped to dump water) swooped just above the flames and released their loads.

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Friday Harbor
Friday Harbor on San Juan Island

With its lush landscape and plethora of activities, it can be hard to leave the Emerald City during the summer. Throughout the prized months of sunshine, locals and visitors alike try and soak up every bit of the fun things to do in Seattle. But just at the edge of the US and Canada’s watery border rests a quaint archipelago that beckons those looking for a bit slower-paced adventure.

But exploring a slice of the San Juans doesn’t have to mean giving up a whole weekend. (Though you certainly could and wouldn’t regret it.) Nor does it mean investing several hours in commuting. The San Juans have never been easier to reach, thanks to the new 25-minute scenic flight departing from Paine Field, just outside of Seattle. 

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Zingaro Floral Perfumery
Zingaro Floral Perfumery Victoria BC
Victoria’s Palma Cafolla’s parfum and flower shop transports visitors deep into memories and beloved destinations. 

Zingaro Floral Perfumery could well be a time machine. The small boutique is tucked within a historic building on Johnson Street, less than half a mile from the Victoria Harbour Airport. The space is an Instagramer’s daydream, filled with the kind of treasures that evoke a mix of old-world elegance and whimsical fun. 

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top things to do in Victoria this summer
Victoria BC summer activities

Renowned for its breathtaking beauty, walkable streets, and preserved historical elegance — this compact urban hub is rife with things to do. While Victoria’s mild climate lends it to year-round exploring, the city shines during the summer — and not just in the picturesque downtown, where floatplanes land in the harbor and whale watching tours depart.

The rich diversity of British Columbia’s capital glows among its neighborhoods, stretching up the coast and into the interior of Vancouver Island. It is a captivating mix of cultures, from Canadian and First Nations to Chinese and European. Castles. Wineries. Totems. Wildlife. Views. There are more than 70 unique and exciting things to do in Victoria this summer (and throughout all of Vancouver Island)! So whether you make it a Victoria day trip, weekend or extended stay, you’re sure to have fun.

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Seattle Staycation
Seattle Staycation with Kids
Exploring Seattle with kids gives you a fresh perspective on one of the most vibrant cities in the Pacific Northwest.

Picture breathtaking mountains, moss-laden forests, and fresh salty air paired with mild weather and amazing year-round outdoor activities. Where is such a place, you might ask? For those of us lucky enough to live in Seattle, it is called home. 

Often upon returning back from a trip, I am reminded I already live in one of the most spectacular places in the country. Although my family and I normally don’t take the time to vacation where we live, it only took a pandemic to realize how much there is to learn and explore in our city. And most importantly, we were reminded how rejuvenating a vacation can be without a long plane or car ride. 

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Hiking on Orcas Island
Young Couple Hiking on Orcas Island

Orcas Island has all of the ingredients for a perfect getaway in the Pacific Northwest. There are miles of hiking trails that traverse a rich topography and offer stunning views. You’ll find a plethora of fresh seafood, farm-to-table cuisine, and locally-crafted libations. 

This isn’t the destination for a fast-paced dance club, though you will find several restaurants and bars host live music nights. But the things to do on Orcas Island abound. Artist studios. Golfing. Farmers markets. Clothing optional soaking tubs. The list goes on and on. These are some of our favorites. 

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San Juan Brewing Company
San Juan Brewing
Photo by San Juan Brewing Company

Built, Brewed & Poured by Locals

Bringing back craft since 2017, San Juan Island Brewing Company is an award-winning brewery set in the beautiful and awe-inspiring San Juan Islands. Based in Friday Harbor, the brewery is known for highly sessionable, true-to-style beers, specializing in old-world ales and lagers that are all unified in being flavor balanced and pairing well with food.

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Lisa Lamoreaux
Lisa Lamoreaux, San Juan Island Fine Artist

Lisa Lamoreaux didn’t plan to become an artist. But in many ways, she just always was.

Her passion for mixing and matching designs began as just a little girl. Obsessed with buying greeting cards, Lisa Lamoreaux spent hours rearranging them on the wall of her bedroom. Tired of the pinholes, her mother turned the entire wall into cork, giving Lisa the freedom to easily create new designs as her collection grew and her vision expanded. 

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San Juan Island at sunset.
San Juan Island Sunset with Family

Tucked within the Salish Sea, the 172 island archipelago known as the San Juan Islands is prized for its stunning views, rich farmland, and incredible seafood. San Juan Island, the second largest island, is the most populated. Spanning roughly 55 square miles, it’s home to several parks that run along the rocky shorelines, including San Juan Island National Historical Park, San Juan County Park, and Lime Kiln Point State Park.

While the San Juans are indeed known for their slow pace and laidback lifestyle, don’t assume the only activities are leisurely bike rides and watching the sea. There are a plethora of fun and exciting things to do on San Juan Island — with something for those of all ages.

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