Two Moms. Endless Style. Smörgåsbord on Orcas Island.

Whitney Page and Melanie Trygg of Smörgåsbord on Orcas
Whitney Page and Melanie Trygg of Smörgåsbord

Fashion has a tendency to come with waste. New styles encourage new production and the inevitable casting off of yesterday’s trends — whether they be a wardrobe update or a home decor refresh. It’s only natural to feel the conflicting juxtaposition between discovering a new sweater or prized vase and protecting Mother Nature. At Orcas Island’s Smörgåsbord, located in the heart of Eastsound, two moms challenge this status quo. 

Orcas Islanders, Whitney Page and Melanie Trygg, offer a buffet of products and services. It’s a Smörgåsbord that’s true to the fledging business’ name and equally as delightful and intriguing. Interior design. Personal styling. Floral arrangements. A carefully curated selection of housewares, nicknacks, jewelry, and used clothing. 

This dynamic duo formed over lunch, when the former Project Runway contestant (Melanie) and industrious interior designer (Whitney) met to discuss their passions. By the end of their mid-day meal, a friendship and partnership were hatched.

Juggling motherhood (between the two ladies, they have four children under eight) and entrepreneurship, they’ve developed a thriving business. Their small shop is a treasure trove of constantly evolving delights. Tea sets and plates can be found, along with plump figurine candles. Wardrobe staples and statement pieces beckon visitors to update their look. Not sure those consignment pants fit just right? Melanie may be able to help with that, tailoring items upon request.

Orcas Island is easily accessible with as little as a 25-minute direct flight from Paine Field to Orcas Island’s Eastsound Airport. Direct flights are also available from Boeing Field, Lake Union, and Lake Washington in Kenmore.

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