Seaplane docked at Friday Harbor Marina in the San Juans
Seaplane docked at Friday Harbor Marina

Nestled on San Juan Island in Washington, Friday Harbor is a picturesque town exuding coastal charm and historic allure. Framed by scenic harbors and surrounded by lush landscapes, this waterfront gem captivates visitors with its vibrant community and maritime ambiance. Quaint streets are adorned with shops, cafes, and galleries.

Notable sites, such as the historic San Juan County Courthouse and The Whale Museum, showcase the town’s rich heritage. The bustling marina offers whale watching excursions, adding to the town’s allure.

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San Juan Islands Susie's Mopeds
Susie's Mopeds on San Juan Island

San Juan Island is magical. Exploring San Juan Island in a Susie’s Mopeds scout coupe is arguably the best one day adventure from Seattle. Fresh air. Unparalleled views. This is the kind of Seattle to Friday Harbor trip you’ll consider extending.

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spring day on Orcas Island
Orcas Island Spring

The San Juan Islands span 172 named islands and reefs, however just three are served by regularly scheduled flights from Seattle; San Juan Island, Orcas Island, and Lopez Island. Best known for their epic views, untouched wildlife, and regionally-inspired cuisine, the San Juans offer a wide range of things to do for families, couples, and friends.

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stunning orcas island view
View from Orcas

Fondly known as the ‘Emerald Isle,’ Orcas Island is 57.3 square miles and shaped like a horseshoe. Or two saddlebags. Or a trapezoid. No matter your shape preference, the idyllic destination is home to stunning vistas, exquisite cuisine, and inspiring artists. This is an island to be loved. See just how much you love Orcas by testing your knowledge in a true and false test. 

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Outlook Inn Waters Edge Suits
Waters Edge Suites at the Outlook Inn

With its diverse topography and remote location, Orcas Island feels more like an island castaway rather than an oasis with a luxurious hotel and one of the nation’s top restaurants. But that’s what you’ll find. MATIA on Orcas Island is a dining destination worthy of a trip and the Outlook Inn is a refined hotel perched at the water’s edge.

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pacific northwest
PNW Mountains by Kalen Emsley

There are hills to hike, waterfalls to explore, and plates of eggs Benedict to devour. This is your ultimate Pacific Northwest travel bucket list. And, it’s just in time for kicking off the New Year!

It’s loaded with seaside cocktails, DIY brewery tours, and can’t-miss donuts. It features remote fishing destinations, sea-to-table cuisine, and some of the most Instagram-worthy spots around.

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Saltwater Farm on San Juan Island
Saltwater Farm
Photo by Bradley Radlab

Nestled in the Salish Sea, this gem promises not only breathtaking landscapes, but also an array of cozy lodgings that make your island retreat truly unforgettable. A picturesque haven in the Pacific Northwest—San Juan Island lodging ranges from marina views to mountain hideaways.

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San Juan Island Artists Wylde Wives
Wylde Wives San Juan Island Artists

Their work has been called ‘petable’ art. While the initial base of island wood tends to be rough and splintered, the finished products are buttery smooth. They can be found in kitchens, offices, and wardrobes. Made by San Juan Island artists, River and Luna Wylde, these colorful pieces are as intriguing as they are functional.

The pieces range from charcuterie boards to tables and earrings. They make coasters, which are always a crowd-pleaser, and stunning sushi trays. Their Pride charcuterie boards are rainbow masterpieces, and their keychains are elegant and distinctive.

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couple walking on the dock with a de havilland beaver
couple and a de havilland bever

While dinner out and a dozen roses are nice, we like to think a quiet fall getaway is the ultimate in perfection. Quiet getaways say, “I want to focus on you.” They offer a level of intimacy you don’t get with a staycation. There’s no laundry to wash or dishes in the sink. No one has to worry about vacuuming or mowing the lawn.

It’s just the two of you, together, in a little slice of heaven. Whether you want to stay in and lounge or get out and explore all that fall in the San Juans has to offer, the following are a few of our favorite romantic San Juan Island getaways that let the two of you be you.

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Downriggers San Juan Island Waterfront Restaurant
Downriggers on San Juan Island

Tamed, just enough to be welcoming, San Juan Island is rugged and rural in all the best ways. Thanks to its remote location, chefs aren’t just inclined to source locally, they need to. As a result, San Juan Island is one of the best foodie destinations in the Pacific Northwest. 

Want to maximize your time noshing? Catch a quick and easy flight from Seattle to Friday Harbor Airport, where you can start exploring immediately. 

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